Zany Bounce Press Kit



Game Title: Zany Bounce
Developer: Greg Friend
Platforms: IOS, Android, Windows Phone, and Amazon
Release Date: August 15, 2014


Ladmer Technologies, Inc. is a new indie video game company located in Wauconda, IL. Currently the company is your typical one man band corporation trying to make games that are fun and get noticed in the ocean of games on the mobile platforms. Current production schedule should be able to produce 1 game a year.

Free Game (Woohoo!)

Zany Bounce is our debut title and I wish to get it in the hands of as many people as possible.  That and who doesn’t like free stuff! In order to monetize the game it is ad supported, but we keep the disruption to a minimum and only show 1 ad after every other game.  In addition, if you want an ad-free experience you can pay .99 cents and remove all advertisements from the game.

3D Pong on Steroids

For the longest time I have enjoyed most flavors of pong.  The original was great for its time and modern variants like Curveball added 3D to the mix which was wonderful.  I wanted to do my take on this genre but also do something new since this game has been around in one flavor or another for over 50 years.  The main differentiation is that the physics in this game are real and definitely lead to some zany bounces (hence the title).  In other versions, the ball just gets hit at the same angles based on where you hit the paddle which doesn’t provide a lot of variation. Zany bounce does not do this, instead if you smash hit the very edge of the paddle it will hit the ball quite fast and at a very realistic angle (sharp to the side).  This adds a lot of variation to the game!  Also, I’ve added energy blast power-ups to make the game quite fast and fun throughout.  If you like twitch style arcade games you will love Zany Bounce.


-Super fast reaction style pong game
-Octagon shaped arena for more zany bounces
-Real physics for fun ball bounces
-Curveball spin-based action for challenge
-Homing Missile Power-up
-Challenging computer AI
-High score leaderboards





MainScreen screen3_website
screen2_website screen1_website

Where can I download?

IOS- IOS Store Link
Android- Google Play Store Link
Windows Phone- Windows Phone Store Link
Amazon- Amazon App Store Link


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