Postmortem: Level 11 Sale – Easy WiFi Controller

As an indie that hopefully will be making games/tools for years to come, I certainly want to spread realistic information about the revenue that can be generated as an independent developer. There is a decent amount of information that can be found on the web for being featured in the daily sales on the Unity Asset Store, but I couldn’t find any on what being featured in the monthly Level 11 program can do.

This past month (October 2015), one of my assets Easy Wifi Controller got to be a part of that program so I figured I’d share my experience with being involved in it. You’re all here for the data so I’ll get right into the first piece of information below which is the sessions for a 2 month period, September (normal month) and October (month being featured).


A couple of things to note above. First, my traffic for a normal month was about 25 sessions a day on this one asset. During the feature month the average was about 125 sessions a day. In my particular case I saw a 5 times increase in eyeballs on my asset. Second, you’ll notice that the two spikes in the graph are the first day of being featured and the day that you get homepage placement with the medium sized feature tiles. For me, that was the 1st and 15th of the month, but the day that you get featured on the homepage can vary so whenever that is expect to see another spike. Also, you’ll notice that on the 13th is when I got the medium sized tiles on the category/subcategory level but there is no corresponding change to the traffic on the 13th. This is probably to be expected, since those pages are deeper into the asset store so only people browsing by category will see these.


The above sales information shows much the same pattern. Two spikes, the 1st and the 15th, still represent the two days with the highest sales. The increase in sales overall was greater than the increase in traffic for the feature month. A typical month I see on average of 1 sale every 3 days, but the feature month I had on average 5 sales a day. Granted, the product is being offered for 50% off ($17.50 instead of $35) so this is to be expected, but still was nice to see a 15 times jump in sales for the month.


September Sales: 13 for $455.00 gross

October Sales (free users): 13 for $455.00 gross

October Sales (pro users): 138 for $2415.00 gross

As you can see for the month we still had 13 free users (no discount) purchase our product in addition to a lot of pro users that purchased for the 50% discount. This accounted for roughly 6 times the previous months gross revenue. Previous to October Easy WiFi Controller had been slowly increasing sales each month. To wrap things up as you can see being involved in a sale (whether the daily sale, themed sale, or level 11 discount) really helps sales figures and gives your product some much needed exposure. A couple of final pieces of information below.

  • Out of the discount Level 11 assets mine was 2nd or 3rd out of 11 for popularity
  • Being featured did not increase traffic or sales on my other assets
  • Social media advertising helped only minimally, Reddit being the best and Twitter second
  • Unity’s Google Analytics integration misses a sale every once in awhile, you’ll notice the real sales numbers and the analytics don’t exactly line up, it’s pretty close though.