Easy Input Helper for Apple TV

Easy Input Helper makes supporting input for the new Apple TV a breeze. Whether you want support for the Siri remote or mFi controllers, everything that is unique about the platform is accessible in one easy to use API. Saves a lot of time over having to code everything yourself.

Purchase Info: https://www.assetstore.unity3d.com/en/#!/content/49843

Check out our online documentation.


  • Full siri remote support
  • Full mFi controller support
  • Standard controls for common things so no coding required
  • Nice high level API (quick click, long click, double click, touch, accelerometer etc.)
  • Emulates input in editor so no more wasting time doing a build on every change
  • Accelerometer/gyro support
  • Touch and controller input module for Unity GUI support with no coding required
  • 6 example scenes
  • Easy callbacks to use if you want to do something custom